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local, virtual personal brand agency

work with our london, ontario experts to Discover your personal brand strategy + redefine your career.


Proudly based in London, Ontario, Canada, we help professionals locally and around the world build robust personal brands to maximize their potential in an increasingly competitive, virtual, and gig-oriented job market. Nowadays, everyone - not just the Elon Musks and Mark Cubans of the world - needs to become market-oriented and send the right signals to move closer to their goals. 

The benefits of personal branding are numerous, no matter your seniority or situation. Whether you're looking for a job, seeking advancement within your company, or making a change, research in organizational behavior shows that authentic personal branding can lead to increased social capital, financial rewards, and career opportunities.

These 3 pillars form the core of our services: 

A clear roadmap

Our proprietary house framework is designed to guide our conversations, encourage breakthroughs, and act as an intuitive mental model for creating your brand.

A free web app

Our free Takeaways web app is your personal workspace to take notes, share ideas, review files, request changes, and access relevant tips from industry experts.

A safe, virtual experience

Our one-on-one meetings are designed to be open, two-way, and insightful working sessions that provide the time and space to experiment, pivot, and develop the best ideas.

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Carol F | Educator/Consultant

Thank you for sharing your expertise and your creativity. I was able to look at my skills and experiences with a fresh perspective, and to really look at my resume as a Curriculum Vitae - an overview of my life's work. You helped me distill decades of "stuff I did" into cohesive, coherent, and compelling impact statements. With your coaching, I was able to attract the attention and secure my dream position!! Thank you!!

Haley W | Luxury Travel Expert

Thank you SO much, Brian! It was incredible to work with you. I feel like I got a ‘crash course’ in personal branding and now feel equipped with the tools and ideas I need to move forward. Your design is even better than I could have imagined!



Our mission is to help people thrive in their professional lives, and that means understanding each client deeply. We don't just give you a list of tips and tricks or spruce up your resume or offer cookie-cutter advice. We get to know your story, we teach you how to fish through our proprietary framework, and we connect you to a community of experts in professional development so you stay on the cutting edge even after our consultations.

  • Arrange a quick, no obligation chat to see what C3 can do for you!

  • An introduction to the basics, plus a quick audit of your brand.

    149 Canadian dollars
  • Apply our branding framework to inform a resume / cover letter refresh

    395 Canadian dollars
  • Build a comprehensive brand strategy with premium editing & design

    749 Canadian dollars

Thanks for visiting! Please reach out using the chat bubble or form below and introduce yourself to get started. We will respond right away. Select a package to start the conversation; then, connect with the founder via email or video chat to discuss how we can customize our offerings to meet your specific needs.

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our blueprint

Building a personal brand strategy is a lot like building a house. There are above ground (public) and below ground (private) elements that must be carefully designed to create something that’s meaningful and valuable to buyers in a market. Good brand strategies have solid foundations, a clear goal, and a story to tell, and invite the audience in to experience something unique – something that makes them want to come back, monitor developments, and eventually purchase (i.e. hire/promote you).

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Brian uses his design, business, and marketing background to build personal brands that matter – to his clients, and to employers. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and creating intuitive frameworks to allow everyone (with or without marketing knowledge) to take control of their personal brand, embrace a consistent story, and generate new growth opportunities. After spending 10+ years in the exhibit, education and marketing fields, Brian founded Crew and Cross Creative to help professionals redefine themselves and gain the confidence to take action and make their goals a reality. He lives in London, Ontario with his wife, son, and Bernese Mountain Dog, Sadie.

BRIAN BAZETT, MBA | 519-601-1585 London, ON, Canada


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